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Ragnarok: The Lost Memories New Patch Announcement 

The new patch will see a release of new scenarios and quests as well as a unlock the Abandoned Mine Dungeon. There will be new monsters in this 3-floored dungeon including Dullahan, Disguise, Gibbet, Cube and Lude, to name a few. There is also a New Boss – Screaming Soul. Completing the scenario and subsequently daily quests gives players the Netherworld’s Gem and Pure Crystal which can be used to enhance the following accessories: Scaraba Purfume, Magic Tears and Octopus Skewer. Aside from the quests, players are able to farm for the Netherworld’s Gem and Pure Crystal by eliminating the new monsters.  

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Call to Hero package (8th Feb 2022 – 22 Feb 2022)  

This season’s Hero’s Calling features the new Hero Charvel! Complete a set of missions to get Charvel's Exclusive Contract for free. Players can also purchase Charvel's Exclusive Contract Package which will include Charvel’s Soul Weapon after completing the Hero's Calling event missions. Charvel will be available for recruitment from 8 Feb 2022 to 22 Feb 2022, 0700hrs (+8 GMT)  

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